Responsible Lending




We are committed to responsible lending. will only extend a loan that it feels can and will be repaid in full. If we feel that an applicant cannot repay, we will not approve an application. We have designed our website and all documents to be easily read and understood by all users. relies on its users for accurate and up to date information and does it’s best within reason to confirm this information and the identities of its applicants. Please review our Terms and Conditions page as well as our Privacy Policy page for further details. does not seize assets as a measure of repayment nor do we garnish wages in cases of non payment. All overdue accounts are collected in a fair, lawful and professional manner. does not threaten nor use intimidation tactics in order to collect payment on a loan. If repayment attempts are unsuccessful, reserves the right to use the help of a 3rd party collection agency in order to collect payment. allows its clients 2 business days in order to cancel a loan should he or she change their mind upon receipt, by using the Cancellation Request Form located on our website. will do everything is in its power to resolve any concern and/or any dispute that may arise. Please feel free to contact at any time with any such concerns. Thank you for choosing as your lender of choice.