Thank You for Your Application




Please either scan and email, send screenshots, fax or send photos (whichever is most convenient for you) of a full 60 days of unaltered banking statements up to and including today’s date as well as a copy of your photo ID so that we may finish processing your application. Please make sure that these statements are from the full banking website (Full Desktop Version) and not from the bank’s mobile application, which may not contain all the necessary information.
* If using a mobile phone or tablet, please send statements from the full banking site by using a regular internet browser (ex. Google, Bing or Firefox) instead of the app and selecting “Full Desktop/PC View”.*

Please either:

1. Scan and Email to:
2. Email Screenshots (Please make sure Credit + Debit + Balance columns are all visible)
3. Fax to: 1 (888) 848-6320
4. Email Photos of Your Statements

Whichever is most convenient for you…

Thank you for your application. You should hear back shortly.